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A North-South Divide audiobook now available
Fri, 11th December 2020

Alysha audiobook now available
Tue, 1st December 2020

My Best of 2019
Sat, 28th December 2019

The Honour of the Knights : Spanish Edition
Sat, 29th June 2019

My Best of 2018
Sat, 29th December 2018

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An interview with freelance editor Olivia Wood
Sat, 27th October 2012

What comes next
Fri, 7th July 2017

My (current) writing routine
Fri, 17th March 2017

Project Starfighter - The game vs the book
Wed, 28th May 2014

My favourite video game couples
Tue, 13th February 2018

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A North-South Divide

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Below are a number of books that I have written over the years. Click on the book's cover for more information about the title, including where to buy. If you're interesting in buying an ePub directly from me, please get in touch.

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