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Book Information

Title: A North-South Divide
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: 19th September 2018
ISBN: 9780463796696
Word Count: 112,000


For over a hundred years, messenger Duncan has wandered the world, searching for the missing pieces of an amulet that will rid him of his curse; a curse that has burdened him with an extreme intolerance of the cold, an unnaturally long life, and the despair of watching all he knew and loved become lost to the ravages of time. He has seen the world around him change, in parts for the better, sometimes for the worse, and all rather different to how he remembered it. But now, with only one part of the amulet remaining to find, Duncan is close to the end of his long quest.

A North-South Divide charts the final year of Duncan's journey, as he retreads familiar ground, is reunited with old friends, and plays his part in shaping the lives of others.

Sample Chapters

A North-South Divide - Stephen J Sweeney (sample).html
75Kb (1st June 2018)

A North-South Divide - Stephen J Sweeney (sample).pdf
123Kb (25th April 2018)

Where to Buy

A NORTH-SOUTH DIVIDE is available to buy from the following online ebook retailers:


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