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Fri, 11th December 2020

Alysha audiobook now available
Tue, 1st December 2020

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Sat, 28th December 2019

The Honour of the Knights : Spanish Edition
Sat, 29th June 2019

My Best of 2018
Sat, 29th December 2018

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Wed, 17th October 2018

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Site updates

Sat, 21st July 2018

I recently resurrected the old Parallel Realities website and restored it to dedicated hosting. Previously, it's been hosted at Blogger. As such, I've now removed all games and game features from this site and moved them over to Parallel Realities. The games URL should be automatically rerouted. The features section (containing all the Making Ofs) can be found by visiting the URL below:

Please update your bookmarks, etc. Also, be aware that due to some technical reasons I'm no longer offering epubs directly from this website. If you're really keen to get hold of an epub for a book please get in touch and we can arrange something (probably by some manual process of you sending me payment via paypal and me emailing you the novel).


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