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What comes next

Sat, 8th July 2017

I've been making steady progress through the rewrite of THE DRAGON MISTRESS, and can see myself finishing the entire book by January. It got me thinking what sort of creative endeavour I might focus on next. I could either work on another book, or I could try my hand at a new game. As far as a book is concerned, I might try and do a ghost / horror novel; I heard a new song by Saint Etienne earlier in the year, called 'Heather', which was a rather creepy song about a haunted house. It inspired me to want to try my hand at that sort of horror novel.

If I was to make a new game, I might create something new in the TBFTSS universe: it would most likely be a turn-based strategy game, based on the early planetary assault on the Independent Nations' worlds. I would like to see the player assuming the roles of the Mythos Territorial Guard (John Stafford, Edie Thompson, et al.). This is all up in the air at the moment, and might never come about. We'll see.

Perhaps I'll just do both..!

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