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Project Starfighter


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Book Information

Title: Project Starfighter
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: 1st June 2014
ISBN: 9780955856112
Word Count: 124,000
Price: £2.49 / $4.21* / €3.14*
(* - approximate prices)


The Wade-Ellen Asset Protection Corporation rules the galaxy, controlling commerce, passage, and rights. And with an army of advance AI-controlled warships at their disposal, as well as a great number of drones and warbots, little can stand in their way.

At the outskirts of the city of Tira, on the planet Ceradse, Chris Bainfield watches as what remains of the Resistance's first major attempt to fight back against WEAPCO falls from the sky; wreckage and debris tumbling down through the atmosphere, and crashing into the sea.

But unlike others, Chris is not willing to surrender, not willing to give up the fight just yet. He has a plan - to rebuild the Resistance, bring together others, and keep up the battle against the Corporation.

And he will soon find himself teaming up with the most unlikely of allies - a sentient starfighter, known as Athena, formerly belonging to the very company he is trying to take down.

~ ~ ~

Based on the 2001 video game of the same name by Parallel Realities, Project Starfighter features many of the characters and events from the original story, as well as a host of others, to create an enthralling space opera adventure, laced with complex characters, explosive action, humour, and emotion.

See for more information on the game.

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Sample Chapters

Project Starfighter - Stephen J Sweeney (sample).html
122Kb (23rd June 2014)

Project Starfighter - Stephen J Sweeney (sample).pdf
161Kb (18th May 2014)

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